2017 Lexus GS F - Quick Guide (96 pages)

Posted on 16 Oct, 2016 by Somer
Model: 2017 Lexus GS F
File size: 3.3 MB

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Manual Description
Do not pump the brake pedal repeatedly as this will increase the effort required to slow the vehicle. Press and hold the parking brake switch if an emergency occurs and it is necessary to operate the parking brake while driving. Switching to constant speed control mode is only possible when operating the lever with the cruise control off.

The amount of time until the mode changes varies depending on the interior temperature when the seat heater was operated and other factors. It is recommended that a new battery be placed in the remote control transmitter for more accurate programming. This button can usual y be found where the hanging antenna wire is attached to the unit.

Refer to the owner's manual supplied with the garage door opener motor for details. Push until you hear a click and take your hand away to slightly open the fuel filler door.

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