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Model: 2013 Lexus ES350
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Manual Description
The Remote Touch can be used to operate Remote Touch screens, press this button to change map scale scroll through lists, press this button to display vehicle's current position, use this knob to move the cursor and select items screen.

Feedback force, pointer sound volume, on or off of selection sounds etc, press this button to display Menu” screen, press the MENU” button Remote, touch to display Menu” screen.

Touch and select Display” Menu”, displays the screen Day Mode”, to scroll over the map, place pointer, then press and hold Remote Touch.

Indicates the street name, city name, while route guidance is operating, you can change the route using following method, the following settings can be accessed, some functions are unavailable while the vehicle is in motion.

Please refer to page 48, input a city name select OK”, select the screen button desired, input the street name select OK”.

When the desired street name found, input a house number select OK”, destination input ⎯⎯ Search by address, destination input ⎯⎯ Search points interest by name.

Input the name of point interest, destination input ⎯⎯ Search points interest by category, destination and set screen search, select the desired point of interest category displayed list.

Destination input ⎯⎯ Search points of interest by telephone number, input a telephone number select, hands-free System For Cellular Phone, compatible Bluetooth®-equipped phones can be connected vehicle, enabling.

To use a Bluetooth® phone, it necessary, to first register it system, refer to the cellular phone user's manual cellular phone operation, if a completion message displayed.

Phonebook transfer may not be possible depending phone model, select the data you want register, select the button you want register, you can call by saying a name registered in the phonebook.

System language can you call by saying a name registered in the phonebook without registering any voice tags beforehand, follow the voice guidance say, : Pressing this switch turns the voice command system on, select the desired number call.

The tab display may vary depending on the type cellular phone, when a call is received, screen, audio System (with navigation system), follow the procedure below to display audio control screen.

The Menu” screen will be displayed, radio” or Media” select each tab, using HD RadioTM Technology (if, select the desired station by using the tune, the seek scan function.

Using the Remote Touch, select one of the left side screen buttons (1-6) hold it until, a beep is heard, indicating that the station has been set, there are sets of 6 presets.

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