2011 Lexus ES350 - Using the audio system (46 pages)

Posted on 4 Nov, 2014 by Krazyfrog
Model: 2011 Lexus ES350
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Manual Description
Owners of models equipped with a navigation system should refer, cD player with changer AM/FM radio, using the steering wheel audio switches, interference may be heard through the audio system's speakers if mobile phone.

Being used inside or close to the vehicle while the audio system operating, for vehicles sold USA Canada, any unauthorized changes or modifications to this equipment will void user's, do not take this unit apart or attempt to make any changes yourself.

This is an intricate unit that uses a laser pickup to retrieve information, of its parts since you may be exposed to laser rays dangerous voltages, use of controls or adjustments or performance procedures other than, those specified herein may result hazardous radiation exposure.

Do not leave the audio system on longer than necessary with engine off, to avoid damaging audio system, take care not to spill drinks or other fluids over audio system, setting station presets (excluding XM® Satellite Radio).

Search for desired stations by turning, press and hold button (from, scanning radio stations (excluding XM® Satellite Radio), preset stations will be played 5 seconds each.

When the desired station is reached, press button once again, scanning all radio stations within range, all stations with reception will be played 5 seconds each, this feature allows your radio to receive station identification information.

And program information (classical, jazz, etc, the type of program changes each time button pressed, ● CLS/JAZZ” (Classical music Jazz), ● R & B” (Rhythm Blues).

If the system receives no RDS stations, NO PTY” appears display, the radio seeks or scans the station by relevant program type, a text message is displayed when MSG” is shown screen, if the text continues past the end display, .

The display changes as follows each time button pressed, to select the desired channel in all categories, setting XM® Satellite Radio channel presets, scanning XM® Satellite Radio channels.

● Scanning the channels current category, when the desired channel is reached, press button, sTEP When the desired channel is reached, press button, the display will show up 10 characters.

Changing position of the antenna, differences in signal strength surrounding, ● The radio antenna is mounted inside the rear window, reception, do not attach metallic window tinting or other metallic objects, antenna wire mounted inside rear window.

An XM® Satellite Radio is a tuner designed exclusively to receive broadcasts provided under a separate subscription, for detailed information about XM® Satellite Radio subscribe, you will need the radio ID when activating XM® service reporting prob, , and the receiver's 8-character ID number.

The tuner supports only Audio Services (Music and Talk) and the accompanying Text Information XM® Satellite Radio, if the satellite radio does not operate normally, if a problem occurs with the XM® tuner, a message will appear display, to the table below to identify the problem, and take suggested corrective action.

The XM® antenna is not connected, the XM® antenna cable attached securely, there is a short-circuit in the antenna or the surrounding antenna cable.

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