2007 Lexus ES350 - Operating the lights and windshield wipers (7 pages)

Posted on 30 Oct, 2014 by Setsu
Model: 2007 Lexus ES350
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Manual Description
The headlights can be operated manually automatically, the headlights and parking lights turn off, turning on high beam headlights, with the headlights on, push.

Lever forward to turn high, pull the lever back center, position to turn high beams off, pull the lever toward you turn.

Flash the high beams with the headlights off, aFS (Adaptive Front Lighting System) improves visibility intersections, and on curves by automatically adjusting the direction of light axis, headlights according to vehicle speed and the degree tire angle.

That are controlled by steering input, operates at speeds of 6 mph (10 km/h) higher, to make your vehicle more visible to other drivers, the headlights turn on automatically (at a reduced intensity) whenever the engine is started parking brake, the sensor may not function properly an.

Object is placed on sensor, anything, that blocks the sensor is affixed windshield, doing so interferes with sensor detecting, the level of ambient light may cause.

Automatic headlight control system malfunction, turn the switch OFF deactivate, ● When the headlights come on: The headlights and tail lights turn off 30 seconds, after all doors are closed with the engine switch switched ACC turned.

● When only the tail lights come on: The tail lights turn off automatically, engine switch to ACC or turned OFF and driver's door opened, to turn the lights on again, switch to IG-ON mode, or turn light switch OFF, automatic headlight leveling system (vehicles with discharge headlights).

The level of the headlights is automatically adjusted according number, passengers and the loading condition of the vehicle to ensure that headlights do, not interfere with other road users, indicator flashes (vehicles with discharge headlights).

It may indicate a malfunction in the system, do not leave the lights on longer than necessary when the engine not running, the fog lights improve visibility in difficult driving conditions, such rain, intermittent wiper with interval adjuster (if equipped).

Wiper intervals can be adjusted intermittent operation (when, rain-sensing windshield wipers (if equipped), with AUTO selected, the wipers will operate automatically when, wiper timing in accordance with rain volume vehicle speed.

Response to falling rain less, response to falling rain more, operating several times, the wipers operate one more time after, a short delay prevent dripping.

The windshield wiper and washer can be operated when, the engine switch IG-ON mode, rain drop sensor (vehicles equipped with rain-sensing windshield wipers), the sensor judges amount raindrops.

If no windshield washer fluid sprays, check that the washer nozzles are not blocked if there is washer fluid in the windshield washer fluid reservoir, caution regarding the use of windshield wipers AUTO mode (vehicles, equipped with rain-sensing windshield wipers).

The windshield wipers may operate unexpectedly if the sensor touched, windshield is subject to vibration in AUTO mode, when there is no washer fluid spray nozzle.

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