2003 Lexus ES300 - Gauges, Meters and Service Reminder Indicators (16 pages)

Posted on 9 Nov, 2014 by Sakiel
Model: 2003 Lexus ES300
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Manual Description
Service reminder indicators warning buzzers, gAUGES, METERS AND SERVICE REMINDER INDICATORS, see the inner back cover for fuel capacity recommended, the gauge is displayed when the ignition switch.

Indicates the approximate quantity of fuel remaining, it is a good idea to keep the tank over 1/4 full, if the fuel level approaches E” or the low fuel level warning light, comes on, fill the fuel tank soon possible.

On inclines or curves, due to the movement of fuel tank, the fuel gauge needle may fluctuate or low fuel level, warning light may come earlier than usual, if the fuel tank is completely empty, malfunction indicator.

The indicator lamp goes off after driving several times, indicator lamp does not go off, contact your Lexus dealer, the gauge indicates the engine coolant temperature when, temperature will vary with changes weather engine.

If the needle points to the red zone or higher, stop your vehicle, your vehicle may overheat during severe operating conditions, d Driving up a long hill hot day, d Reducing speed or stopping after high speed driving.

D Idling for a long period with the air conditioning, system as this may cause the engine overheat, thermostat is designed to control flow coolant, to keep the temperature of engine within.

D Do not continue driving with an overheated engine, see If your vehicle overheats” page 269, the tachometer indicates engine speed thousands, driving with the engine running too fast causes excessive.

Engine wear and poor fuel economy, cases the slower the engine speed, greater fuel, this meter displays the odometer and two trip meters, change the mode indication, push trip meter reset.

Changes in order from the odometer to trip meter A trip, meter B, then back odometer, the odometer records the total distance vehicle has, economy and the other to measure the distance each trip.

Push the knob and hold it, the data of trip meters will be cancelled electrical power, this light comes on in the following cases when ignition key, d When the parking brake applied.

This light comes on for a few seconds when ignition key, turned to the ON” position even after parking brake, d When the brake fluid level low, it is dangerous to continue driving normally when.

Have your vehicle checked at your Lexus dealer, d The light does not come on even if parking brake, applied when the ignition key is ON” position, d The light does not come on even if the ignition key turned.

On with parking brake released, a warning light turning on briefly during operation does not, if either of the following conditions occurs, immediately, stop your vehicle at a safe place contact your Lexus.

D The light does not turn off even after parking, brake is released while engine running, in this case, the brakes may not work properly.

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