2003 Lexus ES300 - Comfort Adjustment (62 pages)

Posted on 1 Nov, 2014 by Bjorko
Model: 2003 Lexus ES300
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Manual Description
The SRS side airbags are installed in driver front, d Do not lean against the front door when vehicle, is in use, since the side airbag inflates with, prevent the side airbags activating correctly.

The front seats with the side airbags, may disable the system or cause side airbags, inflate accidentally, resulting death serious, adjust the driver's seat so that the foot pedals, steering wheel.

And instrument panel controls are within easy reach, the seat may unexpectedly move cause, driver to lose control vehicle, d Be careful that the seat does not hit passenger.

Do not operate the control switch more than one, " Seat position, seat cushion angle seat cushion, move the control switch desired direction, releasing the switch will stop the seat in that position.

Place anything under the seat, as this might interfere with, adjusting seat cushion angle height, releasing the switch will stop the seatback that position, releasing the switch will stop the seat cushion that position.

To reduce the risk of sliding under the lap belt during, collision, avoid reclining the seatback any more than, a frontal or rear collision when driver, passenger are sitting up straight and well back.

Your hips and apply restraint forces directly, seat is reclined, the greater the risk personal injury, push the control switch either side, the amount of lumbar support will change while switch.

To raise the head restraint, pull it up, lock release button and push the head restraint down, move the head restraint forward or rearward, pull push, the head restraint is most effective when it close your.

D Adjust the center of the head restraint so that it, d After adjusting the head restraint, make sure it, d Do not drive with head restraints removed, lock release button and push head restraint down.

Pull down the center armrest in the rear seat, the handle and open armrest door, access to the trunk can be prevented by locking armrest, to change the steering wheel angle, hold steering.

Wheel, pull up the lock release lever, tilt steering wheel, to the desired angle release lever, when the steering wheel is in a low position, it will spring up, you release lock release lever.

See Luggage stowage precautions” page 81, precautions to observe loading luggage, the vehicle and an accident may occur resulting, be sure to close the door when trunk storage.

May be thrown into the passenger compartment, sudden stop or crash resulting injury, d After adjusting the steering wheel, try moving it up, and down to make sure it locked position.

When you set your driving position, to adjust the position of the accelerator brake pedals, the ignition key must be in the ON” position with automatic.

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