2013 KIA Venga - Owner's Manual (751 pages)

Posted on 19 Sep, 2016 by Symphonia
Model: 2013 KIA Venga
File size: 27.49 MB

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Manual Description
Further opening of the covers motion, reducing the risk of head and sufficiently severe impact to the front of then allows full inflation of the air bags. The air bags deploy only in objects may become dangerous certain side impact conditions projectiles and cause injury if the severe enough to cause significant supplemental side impact air bag injury to the vehicle occupants. We recommend sides of the roof rails above the front and that the system be serviced by an rear doors.

However, side impact or curtain air bags may inflate depending on the intensity, vehicle speed and angles of impact. Such heavy braking lowers the dents because air bag deployment collides with objects such as utility front portion of the vehicle causing it to would not provide protection to the poles or trees, where the point of ride” under a vehicle with a higher occupants. If this happens, the starter will continue to operate causing damage to the starter motor and possible fire due to excessive current in the wiring.

When replacing the battery, make sure the battery positive +” symbol faces up as indicated in the illustration. If it remains open while engine is not running, it may cause battery discharge because luggage room lamp remains on. The power windows can be or eliminated by taking the following operated for approximately 30 seconds actions.

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