2019 KIA Sorento - Owner's Manual (585 pages)

Posted on 31 Jan, 2018
Model: 2019 KIA Sorento
File size: 18.18 MB

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Manual Description
And if the power window switch is pulled up continuously again within 5 seconds after the window is lowered by the automatic window reversal feature, the automatic window reversal will not operate. The automatic reverse feature for the driver’s window is only active when the “auto up” feature is used by fully pulling up the switch. The automatic reverse feature will not operate if the window is raised using the halfway position on the power window switch.

Always check for obstructions before raising any window to avoid injuries or vehicle damage. If an object less than 4 mm (0.16 in.) in diameter is caught between the window glass and the upper window channel, the automatic reverse window may not detect the resistance and will not stop and reverse direction.

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