2017 KIA Sorento - Navigation Manual (228 pages)

Posted on 3 Nov, 2016 by Maurice
Model: 2017 KIA Sorento
File size: 5.19 MB

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Manual Description
Drag or touch the slider along the play bar in the music screens to jump to the point that you want to play from. Information may not be displayed if there is no information being transmitted from the broadcast station. If a turn is made at an intersection while the navigation provided guidance to go straight.

Combining voice recognition with available on-screen commands is useful when the system is taking longer than expected or the voice command did not execute as desired. This results in faster operation when you feel the message is too long or you already know the command to use. Using voice commands while driving allows you to operate the system without removing your hands from the wheel.

Keep the volume at a level where you can still hear outside traffic and emergency signals while driving. Please make certain all persons using this system carefully read and follow instructions and safety information fully. Any route suggestions made by this system should never replace any local traffic regulations or your personal judgment or knowledge of safe driving practices.

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