2016 KIA Quoris - Owner's Manual (513 pages)

Posted on 19 Sep, 2016 by Maurice
Model: 2016 KIA Quoris
File size: 30.14 MB

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Manual Description
The front passengers with both the seat belt and the air should always move their bag, as well as from breathing the seats as far back as possible smoke and powder. If this is the case, wash and bodily abrasions, injuries rinse with cold water immediately from broken glasses or burns. To prevent injury, do not touch the air bag storage area's internal components immediately after an air bag has inflated.

Inflation of side should illuminate for approximately 6 and/or curtain air bags could seconds, then go off. The air in other collisions if the side impact bags are designed not to deploy in sensors detect a sufficient impact. However, side impact and curtain air bags may inflate depending on the intensity, vehicle speed and angles of impact.

When replacing battery can be harmful to the the battery, make sure the battery environment and human health. Use with emergency trunk safety release lever injury, damage to the vehicle or extreme caution, especially located inside the trunk. If the noise occurs with for approximately 30 seconds after one or both of the rear windows engine is turned off.

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