2004 Hyundai Tucson - Owner's Manual (537 pages)

Posted on 30 Sep, 2016 by Drfred
Model: 2004 Hyundai Tucson
File size: 55.84 MB

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Manual Description
Hyundai dealers are prepared to provide high-quality service, maintenance and any other assistance that may be required. Components which are subjected to modification or are added to the vehicle resulting in consequential damage are not covered by the vehicle manufacturer's warranty. It is possible for an improperly installed/adjusted two-way radio or cellular telephone to adversely affect electronic systems.

If the liquid from the air freshener does leak onto these areas, wash them with water immediately. This key number can be locked without a key, carrying a plate should not be left with the keys spare key is recommended in case but kept in a safe place, not in the you accidentally lock one key inside vehicle. The key number should be recorded and kept in a safe place in case the ! need to order further keys arises.

If any protection from unauthorized entry into door is open when the switch is the car. After completion of the steps above, the turn signal lights will blink once to indicate that the system is armed. Carefully separate the case with a blade screwdriver as shown in the illustration.

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