2018 Hyundai Sonata Plug-in Hybrid - Owner's Manual (552 pages)

Posted on 28 Nov, 2018
Model: 2018 Hyundai Sonata Plug-in Hybrid
File size: 17.18 MB

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Manual Description
When the tire pressure monitoring system warning indicators are illuminated and warning message displayed on the cluster LCD display, one or more of your tires is significantly under-inflated. The Low Tire Pressure Position Telltale will indicate which tire is significantly underinflated by illuminating the corresponding position light. If either telltale illuminates, immediately reduce your speed, avoid hard cornering and anticipate increased stopping distances.

You should stop and check your tires as soon as possible. Inflate the tires to the proper pressure as indicated on the vehicle's placard or tire inflation pressure label located on the driver's side center pillar outer panel. If you cannot reach a service station or if the tire cannot hold the newly added air, replace the low pressure tire with the spare tire.

The Low Tire Pressure Telltale will remain on and the TPMS Malfunction Indicator may blink for one minute and then remain illuminated (when the vehicle is driven approximately 20 minutes at speed above 15. 5 mph (25 km/h)) until you have the low pressure tire repaired and replaced on the vehicle.

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