2015 Hyundai H350 - Owner's Manual (473 pages)

Posted on 1 Oct, 2016 by Ardrid
Model: 2015 Hyundai H350
File size: 25.47 MB

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Manual Description
Generally, the center of gravity of most people's head is at the height of the top of their eyes. Make sure the webbing with polishes, oils the belt webbing is straight and chemicals, and particularly and untwisted. If so, the adjusted to remove slack to seat belt may not be securely be tightly fastened without fastened.

The pre-tensioner seat belt is activated in a crash where the frontal colliding impact is severe enough. The belt may imply a apply a strong impact on an tee the maximum restraining effects, strong impact on their abdomen occupant's neck. Improperly positioned drivers and passengers may the driver and/or the front passenger bag inflates.

Thus, in side impacts, bags are not designed to deploy in inflated air bags cannot provide frontal air bag deployment cannot such cases where air bags cannot any additional benefit. Any object attached to or placed on the front air bag covers may interfere with the proper operation of the air bags. Avoid placing responsible for compliance, it will not the transmitter and your cell phone be covered by your manufacturer's or smart phone in the same pants vehicle warranty.

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