2002 Hyundai Coupe - Owner's Manual (140 pages)

Posted on 1 Oct, 2016 by Tekdemon
Model: 2002 Hyundai Coupe
File size: 1.45 MB

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Manual Description
It is possible for incorrectly installed two way radio equipment including mobile telephones to adversely affect these systems. Incorrectly installed or unsuitable equipment which gives rise to incorrect functioning of or damage to electronic vehicle components will not fall within the scope of the vehicle manufacturers warranty. Also, when combined with the proper use of seat belts, locking the doors helps keep occupants from being ejected from the car in case of an accident.

The vehicle key number is recorded upon a metal tag attached to the keys when the vehicle is first delivered to you. When this is done, neither the outside front of the vehicle and unlock it by turning the the red mark on the switch is not visible, then nor the inside door handle can be used. The position by pushing the switch, and to stop at the window may be closed by pulling the front portion desired position push in on the switch again.

Ensure that the approximately at the level of the seat occupant's seatback is locked before driving the vehicle. The restraint may take passengers to sit on top of the folded-down the form of a special safety belt or the original seatback whilst the car is in motion since the factory fitted seat belt used in conjunction with an folded seat does not provide a suitable sitting approved booster cushion depending upon the facility and no seat belts are available for use. The use of a seat belt by become dirty, they can be cleaned using a mild belt pivot push the knob upward or downward to more than one person increases the levels of soap solution and warm water.

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