2017 Hyundai Accent - Owner's Manual (380 pages)

Posted on 7 Oct, 2017
Model: 2017 Hyundai Accent
File size: 12.45 MB

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Manual Description
Take care of your tires. Keep them inflated to the recommended pressure. Incorrect inflation, either too much or too little, results in unnecessary tire wear. Check the tire pressures at least once a month. Be sure that the wheels are aligned correctly. Improper alignment can result from hitting curbs or driving too fast over irregular surfaces. Poor alignment causes faster tire wear and may also result in other problems as well as greater fuel consumption. Keep your car in good condition. For better fuel economy and reduced maintenance costs, maintain your car in accordance with the maintenance schedule in section 7. If you drive your car in severe conditions, more frequent maintenance is required (see section 7 for details).

Keep your car clean. For maximum service, your vehicle should be kept clean and free of corrosive materials. It is especially important that mud, dirt, ice, etc. not be allowed to accumulate on the underside of the car. This extra weight can result in increased fuel consumption and also contribute to corrosion. Travel lightly. Don't carry unnecessary weight in your car. Weight reduces fuel economy.

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