2010 Honda Element - Technology Reference Guide (14 pages)

Posted on 28 Aug, 2014 by Ianryan
Model: 2010 Honda Element
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Manual Description
Element TRG Inside Front:Inside Cvr, indicators briefly appear with each engine start, green indicators are used general information, malfunction Indicators: If an indicator remains on, there may be a problem; see your dealer.

Condition Indicators: Action needed by driver, consists of several displays that provide you with useful information, when you start engine, information, display shows your last active selection.

To toggle between different displays, press, and release select/reset knob repeatedly, each tire valve stem contains TPMS, visually inspect the tires and use tire air pressure.

Gauge to check which tire(s) have low pressure, the low tire pressure indicator comes on, inflate the tire(s) recommended pressures, listed on the label driver's doorjamb.

To reduce driver distraction, use voice commands for navigation and audio functions, commands is in navigation system manual, press and release the NAVI Talk button, wait beep, release the NAVI Talk button say Help.

Speak in clear, natural voice, entering a Destination Using Voice Commands, press and release the NAVI Talk button before you give command, say City” (or Change state”.

Say Current city” select city, a list of city names appears, the number listed next city you, a list of street names appears.

The number listed next street, say the entire street address number, and displays Calculate route to”, note: Entering destinations can also be done manually.

Entering a Destination Using Find Nearest” Command, try these simple steps to find a nearby point of interest, such as a gas station, movie theater, restaurant, etc, displays the Calculate route to” screen, here are some examples of commonly used voice commands.

Look for Restaurants Your Location, say a command like Display restaurant” see, say Display setup” then Volume up” increase, the volume of system voice response.

Say a command like Radio 97, track to select that station song, after a destination is entered, say How far, destination?” to hear remaining distance.

Help (list of available commands current, voice command help (from INFO screen - list, of all available navigation, audio, climate, brightness up/down Guidance prompts.

Playing an iPod® or USB Flash Memory Device (models with navigation), some of the same controls used to operate your in-dash CD player are used to operate an iPod USB, iPod is a registered trademark Apple Computer, Inc, element TRG Inside Back:Inside Back.

PC Card Instructions (models with navigation), this Technology Reference Guide has been prepared help you, get quickly acquainted with your new Honda, and to provide reference instructions on driving controls convenience items.

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