Download 2013 Mazda 2 - Smart Start Guide

Posted on 28 Oct, 2014 by Daveyp
Model: 2013 Mazda 2

Pages: 12
File size: 4.13 MB


The system includes one retractable key fob which remotely locks,  aise lower seat height, push & fold retract key, nOTE: Leaving the key in the ignition or vehicle and pushing the lock switch will lock, the doors with the key in the vehicle unless a door or the liftgate left open.

 open, push liftgate button,  close, push liftgate down until it, securely locks, but do not slam, pushed, the liftgate will open slightly, liftgate is not opened within 1.

Liftgate latch locks (you will hear it lock), the liftgate cannot be opened closed, liftgate, push the liftgate opener switch, open, the door/liftgate ajar warning light will be, the liftgate not fully closed.

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