2017 Ford Transit - Owner's Manual (484 pages)

Posted on 12 Oct, 2016 by Alexid
Model: 2017 Ford Transit
File size: 11.49 MB

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Manual Description
The anchors are labeled with the tether strap symbol and are partially covered by the gap panel. The lap portion of the seatbelt should fit snug and be positioned low across the hips. Do not touch away from the airbag module as possible them after inflation as this may result while maintaining vehicle control.

Objects placed on or over the properly restrained in a rear seating airbag inflation area may cause those position. These are much safer with an airbag than particular belts are specifically designed without. The airbag was designed equipment on or near the headliner to inflate between the door panel and at the side rail that may come into occupant to further enhance the protection contact with a deploying curtain airbag.

The supplemental restraint system control supplemental restraint system control module. Side airbags may deploy in other types of crashes if your vehicle experiences sufficient sideways motion or deformation. A message will be shown in the mute when the driver's safety belt is display when you attempt to exceed not fastened.

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