2015 Ford Transit - Quick Reference Guide (8 pages)

Posted on 10 May, 2015 by Nomugs
Model: 2015 Ford Transit
File size: 8.97 MB

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Manual Description
WARNING: Driving while distracted can result, in loss of vehicle control, crash injury, strongly recommend that you use extreme caution, when using any device that may take your focus.

Encourage the use voice-operated systems, applicable local laws that may affect use, lEARN MORE ABOUT YOUR NEW VEHICLE, scan the country-appropriate QR code with your smartphone.

(make sure you have a scanner app installed) and you can access even, this Quick Reference Guide not intended, replace your vehicle Owner's Manual which, contains more detailed information concerning.

Features of your vehicle, well important, safety warnings designed to help reduce risk, injury to you and your passengers, entire Owner's Manual carefully you begin.

Learning about your new vehicle refer, guide was accurate at the time duplication, reserve the right change features, operation, and/or functionality of any vehicle specification.

Operating and safety information, please consult, cOMMONLY USED SYNC VOICE COMMANDS, on the steering wheel then say, you can also get detailed lists.

Some services may not be available your area, refer to your Owner's Manual, visit website, or call the toll-free number more information, -  isten text message.

Or call (select Option 1 2, provides information about various systems on your vehicle, located on the steering wheel to choose and confirm settings and messages, information Displays chapter of your Owner's Manual more information.

Pull the lever release hood,  Lights briefly when you switch on the ignition, start the engine, the On-Board Diagnostics (OBD-II) system has detected malfunction, drive in a moderate fashion and contact your authorized dealer soon possible.

To Set Cruise Control Speed, after you set your speed, you can press hold, sET+ or SET– to adjust cruise speed, control when you reach desired speed.

Cancel the set speed, pull CAN toward you, release or tap the brake pedal, control off, press OFF or switch ignition off, the wipers will function when the rain sensor detects moisture.

With low sensitivity, the wipers will operate when the sensor detects large amount, with high sensitivity, the wipers will operate when the sensor detects small amount, (Volume): Press (+) to increase or (–) decrease volume levels,  Allows your headlamps to turn off.

Automatically in low-light situations during, to access phone mode or answer call, to exit phone mode end call, to access the next/previous radio station, CD track preset satellite.

NOTE It may be necessary switch your, unlock the steering wheel by pulling the lever down, can see what services you.

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