2018 Ford Focus Electric - Owner's Manual (375 pages)

Posted on 14 Feb, 2018
Model: 2018 Ford Focus Electric
File size: 12.85 MB

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Manual Description
Blind spot mirrors have an integrated convex mirror built into the upper outboard corner of the exterior mirrors. They are designed to increase your visibility along the side of your vehicle. Check the main mirror first before a lane change, then check the blind spot mirror.

If no vehicles are present in the blind spot mirror and the traffic in the adjacent lane is at a safe distance, signal that you intend to change lanes. Glance over your shoulder to verify traffic is clear and carefully change lanes. The image of the approaching vehicle is small and near the inboard edge of the main mirror when it is at a distance.

The image becomes larger and begins to move outboard across the main mirror as the vehicle approaches (A). The image will transition from the main mirror and begin to appear in the blind spot mirror as the vehicle approaches (B). The vehicle will transition to your peripheral field of view as it leaves the blind spot mirror (C).

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