2008 Ford Focus - Quick Reference Guide (2 pages)

Posted on 10 Nov, 2014 by RobertG
Model: 2008 Ford Focus
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Manual Description
AUDIO SYSTEM AM/FM/in-dash CD6/MP3 satellite compatible (if equipped), uSB Port (if equipped) Your vehicle may be, equipped with a USB port inside your, plug in media playing devices, memory.

Information on this feature, refer your, reduce the risk injury you, auxiliary Input Jack The auxiliary input jack, provides a way connect your portable.

Music player to in-vehicle audio system, and allows the audio portable music, player to be played through vehicle, the vehicle radio repeatedly until LINE IN.

Points for operating cigarette lighter, from being blown, do not use power, mOON roof (if equipped) The moon roof has an, roof, press and release rear front.

Portion of the moon roof control, motion at any time during, tilt Steering To adjust steering wheel, pull the lever down unlock steering.

Column, then move steering wheel up, or down until you find desired position, while holding the steering wheel place, pull the lever up to its original position.

System is designed help prevent, engine from being started unless coded, key programmed to your vehicle used, you wish to tilt the mirror.

Center position to lock mirrors place, if your vehicle has both rear defroster, automatically to remove ice, mist fog, when the rear window defrost activated.

Rear Seats One or both rear seatbacks can, be folded down provide additional cargo, the vehicle, pull the strap located, outboard side of the seatback release it.

The seatback(s), make sure you hear, this switch will illuminate 4 footwells, cupholders with a choice 7 colors, to activate, press release control.

Switch to cycle through 7 color choices, heated Seats (if equipped) The heated seats, switch is located instrument panel, to operate the heated seats, push.

When the ignition is RUN position, automatically shuts off after 10 minutes, position to turn parking lamps, turn the headlamp control second.

Fog lamps (if equipped) can be turned, position and the high beams not, towards you to turn the fog lamps on, power Mirrors (if equipped) Rotate.

Control clockwise to adjust right mirror, rEMOTE KEYLESS ENTRY (if equipped) This, feature allows you to lock unlock.

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