2004 Ford Focus - Quick Reference Guide (2 pages)

Posted on 8 Nov, 2014 by Drfred
Model: 2004 Ford Focus
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Manual Description
If electrical components your vehicle, not working, a fuse may have blown, fuse panel is located below left, of the steering wheel by brake pedal.

Remove the cover to view fuses, learn about changing fuses, please consult, use Regular” unleaded gasoline with an, an octane rating of 86 lower high.

July | First Printing | Quick Reference Guide, (TDD for hearing impaired: 1-800-232-5952), this Quick Reference Guide not intended, replace your vehicle Owner's Guide which.

Contains more detailed information concerning, features of your vehicle, well important, safety warnings designed to help reduce risk, your entire Owner's Guide carefully you begin.

Learning about your new vehicle refer, all information contained Quick Reference, guide was accurate at the time duplication, reserve the right change features, operation.

And/or functionality of any vehicle specification, for detailed operating safety information, adjust the tire pressure specifications, on your Certification Label, located near.

Front door latch on driver's side, checking pressure, use an accurate tire, the tires are cold, after vehicle has been, parked for at least one hour has been.

Inflated tires can affect vehicle handling, can fail suddenly, possibly resulting loss, your vehicle is equipped with either full, size or a temporary spare tire.

Spares are smaller than regular tires, designed for emergency use only; replace, this tire with a full-size tire that identical, to the other tires on your vehicle soon.

Location of the Spare Tire Tools, the spare tire is located under vehicle, just forward of the rear bumper, of jack position before removing so you.

Know where to restow when you're done, to remove the jack, loosen tie-down, lug wrench is located under your spare tire, (for Focus Sedan and Coupe).

Underside of the access cover Wagons, during your vehicle's 3-year / 36,000-mile, limited warranty period, every new Ford, includes such services fuel delivery, tire.

Changes, jump starts, help when you, are locked out your vehicle, identification card and keep it your wallet, in your glove compartment, your Ford.

Owner's Guide portfolio (US) Roadside, united States for Ford Mercury vehicles, press the locking symbol to lock all doors.

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