2019 Ford Flex - Owner's Manual (515 pages)

Posted on 13 May, 2018
Model: 2019 Ford Flex
File size: 29.75 MB

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Manual Description
Basic Operating Principles: Drive slower in strong crosswinds which can affect the normal steering characteristics of your vehicle. When driving your vehicle on surfaces made slippery by loose sand, water, gravel, snow or ice proceed with care. Do not use 4H or 4L on dry, hard surfaced roads.

Doing so will produce excessive noise, increase tire wear and may damage drive components. 4H or 4L modes are only intended for consistently slippery or loose surfaces. When driving over sand, try to keep all four wheels on the most solid area of the trail.

Avoid reducing the tire pressures but shift to a lower gear and drive steadily through the terrain. Apply the accelerator slowly and avoid excessive wheel slip. When driving at slow speeds in deep sand under high outside temperatures, use a low gear when possible.

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