2019 Fiat Doblo Panorama - Owner's Manual (244 pages)

Posted on 10 Feb, 2019
Model: 2019 Fiat Doblo Panorama
File size: 29.39 MB

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Manual Description
Every time reverse is engaged, the display fig. 148 shows the area around the vehicle, as seen by the rear camera. The images are shown on the display together with a warning message.

When reverse is not engaged, the rear camera may be switched on using the setting menu (Camera ON/OFF). If the "Camera Delay" option is not activated, the image of the camera will be deactivated as soon as reverse is disengaged and the display will go back to Navigation or Audio mode. By activating the "Camera Delay" option on the menu, the camera image will continue to be viewed for up to 10 seconds after disengaging reverse except for when the following conditions occur: vehicle speed above 13 km/h; gear lever in P (Park - versions with automatic transmission, where provided); ignition device in the STOP position.

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