2016 Fiat 500L Living - Owner's Manual (240 pages)

Posted on 2 Feb, 2017 by Stevie
Model: 2016 Fiat 500L Living
File size: 5.27 MB

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Manual Description
The activation of this warning light is not related to the amount of oil in the engine. To carry out this procedure turn the steering wheel all the way from one end to the other or drive in a straight line for about a hundred metres. The system goes back to normal operation when the operating conditions allow it.

Release the accelerator pedal to lower the speed of the engine until the warning light stops flashing. The exhaust emission levels may be checked by the traffic control authorities using the appropriate equipment. Always comply with the traffic regulations in force in the country where you are driving.

On some versions the display will show a message in the case of system activation/deactivation. It vehicle may interfere with the correct a system to replace maintenance or a is of fundamental importance that the operation of the sensor. Insufficient tyre inflation increases fuel in the area of the laser sensor.

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