2014 Citroën Jumpy - Owner's Manual - RHD (UK, Australia) (252 pages)

Posted on 5 Oct, 2015 by Neue Mage
Model: 2014 Citroën Jumpy
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Manual Description
You can find your handbook on CITROËN website, under, referring to the owner's handbook on-line also gives you, access to the latest information available, easily identified by, the bookmark, associated with symbol.

This personal and customisable space allows you establish direct, the Vehicle documentation link in the home page (no registration, the print edition of your handbook appropriate for date registration, you have access to your handbook on line, together with latest.

If the "MyCITROËN" function is not available CITROËN public, website for your country, you can find your handbook following, we draw your attention following, the "Familiarisation" section at start.

Document is intended as a quick way getting, sections is essential to make most your, your vehicle is fitted with only some, depending on the trim level, version.

Specifications for the country in which it sold, the fitting of electrical equipment accessories, which are not recommended by CITROËN may, result in a failure your vehicle's electronic.

Contact a CITROËN dealer be shown, cITROËN has a presence every continent, bringing together technology and a permanent spirit innovation, for a modern and creative approach mobility.

We thank you and congratulate you your choice, at the wheel your new vehicle, for any work on your vehicle, use qualified, workshop that has technical information.

Competence and equipment required, which, this handbook has been designed to familiarise you with your, new vehicle from the moment you get behind wheel, reading the handbook is made easy with content consisting.

Of identified chapters, which can be located by means, colour code specific to each one, chapter gives all of the technical data relating your vehicle, the vehicle will assist you in locating equipment functions.

Page numbers refer you to the relevant section handbook, within the chapters, symbols draw your attention specific, directs you to the chapter and section which contains detailed, indicates important information relating to use equipment.

Alerts you to the safety of individuals equipment board, lift the cover located at the foot of the lefthand seat and pull release lever upwards, partially open the bonnet, lift safety, at the front, unclip the cover by pressing it.

At the rear, unclip the cover using coin, the flat part towing eye, secure the stay in one two notches, according to the height required, hold.

Take care when carrying out work under bonnet, refer to "Levels" in section 6 for instructions on use fluids, w max), cigarette lighter type, cENTRE CONSOLE AND OVERHEAD STORAGE UNIT.

A centre console with screen: refer, to "Adjusting the date time", a centre console without screen: refer.

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