2014 Citroën DS4 - Owner's Manual - RHD (UK, Australia) (400 pages)

Posted on 15 Nov, 2016 by Gideon
Model: 2014 Citroën DS4
File size: 31.9 MB

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Manual Description
Each curtain airbag is built into the pillars and the upper passenger compartment area. The curtain airbag inflates between the front or rear occupant of the vehicle and the windows. Activation / deactivation is done using the vehicle configuration menu; refer to the section covering the configuration of your vehicle's systems.

The tyre under-inflation detection system is an aid to driving which does not replace the need for the driver to be vigilant or to drive responsibly. The loss of pressure detected does not always lead to visible deformation of the tyre. This system is designed to improve safety when driving and is in no circumstances a substitute for the use of the interior rear view mirror and door mirrors.

The blind spot sensor system can never replace the vigilance and responsibility of the driver. Refer to the maintenance and warranty guide for details of the interval for this operation. The brake fluid must conform to the ground and the engine has been off for more manufacturer's recommendations.

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