2012.5 Citroën DS3 - Owner's Manual (332 pages)

Posted on 5 Oct, 2015 by Edwinw Right
Model: 2012.5 Citroën DS3
File size: 9.62 MB

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Manual Description
You can find your handbook on the CITROËN website, under, referring to the owner's handbook on-line also gives you, access to the latest information available, easily identified by, the bookmarks, associated with pictogram.

This personal space provides you with information your products, and services, direct and special contact with CITROËN, becomes a space tailored you, if the heading "MyCitroën" is not available on public website.

Your country, you can find your handbook following address, the link "Private customer access", the edition date appropriate for the date of registration your vehicle, you will find your handbook, presented in the same way paper.

We draw your attention following, your vehicle is fitted with only some, depending on the trim level, version, specifications for the country in which it sold.

By CITROËN may result in failure your, dealer to be shown recommended, cITROËN has a presence every continent, bringing together technology and a permanent spirit innovation.

For a modern and creative approach mobility, we thank you and congratulate you your choice, at the wheel your new vehicle, contributes to the protection environment.

To allow quick and effective familiarisation with main systems, stops in the traffic (red lights, traffic, automatically as soon you want, these expressive stickers form part range.

Of kits, very different one another, which, allow you to create unique attractive, this system provides warning when reversing, after switching off ignition, under low.

Lighting conditions the headlamps remain, a few seconds to help you leave vehicle, a compressor and sealant cartridge, opening and hooking fuel filler cap.

After setting the desired level comfort, system then automatically controls level, the scented air freshener diffuses, compartment from its location ventilation.

System suggests when to change up obtain, improves visibility inside vehicle low, lamps, located in the footwells lower, bluetooth system and USB Box, MyWay with.

Colour screen, auxiliary inputs, Hi-Fi audio, to lower, press the lug A down, pull the control lever upwards fold, backrest and move seat forwards.

Take care to use only correct lever, for reasons safety, these operations, must only be carried out with, selecting the "day" position of rear view mirror.

Screenwash: pull stalk towards you, push the stalk downwards release it, push the stalk upwards return it.

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