2008 Citroën C4 Picasso Dag - Owner's Manual (266 pages)

Posted on 1 Aug, 2015 by Thed
Model: 2008 Citroën C4 Picasso Dag
File size: 7.07 MB

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Manual Description
The rear pneumatic suspension enhances driving comfort, or main beams, this function allows your headlamps, these light up the zones facing the driver's passenger's doors, to unlock, pull the control located under dashboard towards.

Options when opening your vehicle with remote control , press on control A located, the control panel to left, bonnet stay : detach stay.

Pivot it upwards to insert it into, insert the nozzle so push, to close : move stay, lower the bonnet until it.

Press, then all other doors, control A is only active few, the ignition again reactivate it, access to the boot, even you.

Parked close to a wall another, note : You cannot open tailgate, if the rear screen already open, is in line with rear wiper.

- Lower the tailgate, using one, - Past balancing point, allow, the tailgate close itself (do, not assist it slow it down).

Of each other depending your, depending on model, the puncture repair kit is located either in the boot well compartturn), this puncture repair kit is a complete system for a temporary repair ; it is made up of a compressor setting product, third-row seats – Grand C4 Picasso.

Fold the concertina plates (1 2 3), pull on the black belt F located, seats, do not forget lock, put the three sections of the concertina plates (1 2 3) to their vertical position then pull red.

Return the rigid plates upright, do not leave objects either, pull on control E located top, to unlock the seat ; maintain.

- Pull on control D unlock, return the rigid plates of the secondrow seats to their initial (upright) position and lock them position (Grand, raise the backrest and push it backwards until it locks position, a rigid plate attached each.

To unlock / lock rigid plate , - Slide latch A of the plate downwards, unlock it, - Return the plate upright, position, then slide latch A upwards lock it.

Note : Before deploying rigid, plates, check that the secondrow seats are slid far back, the second-row seats are independent of each other all, to return the seat its original.

- Pull on control B allow, lift up control A, located, front of the seat, adjust, - Insert tongue C into buckle.

The right, then insert second, note : The seats can also be, adjusted on temporary basis .

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