2014.5 Citroën C-Zero - Owner's Manual (176 pages)

Posted on 5 Oct, 2015 by Teknika
Model: 2014.5 Citroën C-Zero
File size: 5.22 MB

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Manual Description
Referring to the handbook on-line also gives you, access to the latest information available, easily, identified by the bookmark, associated with, find your handbook on the CITROËN website, under "MyCITROËN".

This personal and customisable space allows you to establish direct special contact with, select one of the following means access, if the "MyCITROËN" function is not available on the CITROËN public website your country, you, can find your handbook following address.

The print edition of your handbook appropriate for the date of registration your vehicle, scan this code for direct access your handbook, we draw your attention following, reading the detailed sections essential.

Make the most of your vehicle, complete, your vehicle is fitted with only some, depending on the trim level, version, specifications for the country in which it sold.

CITROËN has a presence every continent, by CITROËN may result failure, bringing together technology and a permanent spirit innovation, for a modern and creative approach mobility.

We thank you and congratulate you your choice, at the wheel your new vehicle, contributes to the protection environment, main battery state charge indicator.

Should be used to recharge your vehicle, this flap should be used recharge your, vehicle from domestic power point, these are associated systems that assure.

Directional stability of vehicle, within, this kit is a complete system consisting, compressor and a sealant cartridge, allow, fast charging flap (according equipment).

After setting the desired level comfort, system controls this level according, four-position drive selector: P, R, N D, for deactivating the front rear.

For more economical driving, increased range, practical advice for everyday use to optimise the range of your vehicle by conserving battery power, the electrical consumption your vehicle, depends greatly on your journey, your driving.

In all cases, adopt smooth driving style, anticipating the driving conditions allows you, to recover energy and increase range, the heating air conditioning systems.

Operate on energy main battery, excessive use these systems greatly, reduces the range your vehicle, to switch them off once desired level.

Comfort is reached check their settings, control also the use demisting / defrosting, stay in the "Eco" zone indicated energy, sudden movement, and conditions permit.

Drive at steady moderate speed, use the "Charge" zone energy, as with any vehicle, limit loads carried.

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