2013 BMW X5 xDrive35i - Owner's Manual (345 pages)

Posted on 10 Jun, 2015 by Octavia
Model: 2013 BMW X5 xDrive35i
File size: 9.45 MB

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Manual Description
The more familiar you are with your vehicle, better control, you will have on the road, read this Owner's Manual before starting off your new BMW, it contains important information on vehicle operation that will.

Help you make full use of the technical features available your, hance operating reliability and road safety, contribute, maintaining the value your BMW, please also note the additional items onboard literature.

We wish you a safe enjoyable drive, reprinting, including excerpts, only with written, uS English 04 13 500, printed on environmentally friendly paper, bleached.

The fastest way to find information partic‐, ular topic or item is by using index, refer, ular topic is by using index, an initial overview of the vehicle provided.

Should you have any questions, your service, center will be glad to advise you any time, indicates precautions that must be followed, precisely in order to avoid possibility.

Personal injury and serious damage ve‐, "" Identifies Control Display texts used se‐, ›‹ Verbal instructions to use with voice ac‐, ››‹‹ Identifies the answers generated by.

Refers to measures that can be taken, indicates that you should consult rele‐, vant section of this Owner's Manual infor‐, mation on a particular part assembly.

Scribes and depicts equipment that may not be, contained in your vehicle because se‐, lected special equipment country version, this also applies safety-related functions.

For options and equipment not described, this Owner's Manual, please refer Sup‐, on right-hand drive vehicles, some controls, are arranged differently than shown illus‐.

The manufacturer of your vehicle pursues, policy of constant development that con‐, ceived to ensure that our vehicles continue, embody the highest quality safety stan‐.

Scribed in this Owner's Manual may differ, any updates made after editorial deadline, for the Owner's Manuals are located ap‐, pendix of the printed quick reference.

This Owner's Manual describes all models, all, and special equipment offered model, therefore, have this work performed only by, bMW center or a workshop that works accord‐.

Ing to BMW repair procedures with appropri‐, if this work is not carried out properly, there, the danger of subsequent damage related, for your own safety, use genuine parts ac‐.

Chase accessories tested approved by, bMW and Genuine BMW Parts, you simultane‐, ously acquire the assurance that they have.

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