2015 BMW M4 Convertible - Owner's Manual (226 pages)

Posted on 14 Jul, 2015 by Italiancito
Model: 2015 BMW M4 Convertible
File size: 4.91 MB

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Manual Description
Thank you for choosing BMW M4, the more familiar you are with your vehicle, better control, you will have on the road, read this Owner's Manual before starting off your new.

Will help you make full use of the technical features available, to enhance operating reliability and road safety, contrib‐, ute to maintaining the value your BMW M4, any updates made after the editorial deadline printed.

Integrated Owner's Manual are found in appendix, supplementary information can be found additional bro‐, we wish you a safe enjoyable ride, the Owner's Manual is available in many countries an app.

Reprinting, including excerpts, only with written, uS English 03 15 490, printed on environmentally friendly paper, bleached, we wanted to provide you with some updates.

And clarifications with respect printed, clarifications will supersede the materials contained that document, owner's Manual, we wanted clarify that, the terms refer to BMW dealer's service.

Center or another service center repair, shop that employs trained personnel that, can perform maintenance repair work, on your vehicle accordance with BMW.

Service center” your service center,”, we wanted to clarify that BMW recommends that, if you are faced with one, situations addressed by that text, you contact or seek the assistance BMW, dealer's service center another service.

Center or repair shop that employs trained, and repair work on your vehicle in accordance with BMW specifications, while BMW of North America LLC, no, cost to you, will pay repairs required by.

The limited warranties provided with respect, to your vehicle maintenance under, the Maintenance Program during the applicable warranty maintenance coverage, periods, you are free elect, both during.

Those periods and thereafter, to have maintenance and repair work provided by other, approved by BMW, those references, intended to reflect that those parts, accessories are recommended by BMW.

Other parts and accessories, but, you do, we recommend that you make sure that any, such parts and/or accessories are appropriate for use your vehicle, that you cannot lodge warranty claims.

Your vehicle there,” text should read, that you may not be able lodge warranty, word cannot” should read does not, safety belts” section, text beginning.

This should only be done by your service, center ” should be disregarded, following text should be read lieu thereof, bMW recommends having this work performed by a service center it important.

That this safety feature functions properly, therefore, have special windshield ”, text should be read lieu thereof:  BMW.

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