2015 Acura MDX - Navigation Manual (341 pages)

Posted on 31 Oct, 2014 by Ounkeo
Model: 2015 Acura MDX
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Manual Description
The information and specifications included in this publication were in effect at the time of approval for printing, however, to discontinue or change specifications or design at any time without notice and without incurring any obligation, the GPS antenna is located in the dashboard, signal noise from devices such as radar detectors, vehicle tracking devices, remote starters, and additional amplifiers can disrupt the navigation system.

Install any such item, install it away from the navigation display antenna, using the navigation system while driving can take your, attention away from the road, causing a crash which you, could be seriously injured killed.

Only operate system controls when conditions permit you, avoid focusing on the screen or manually operating the system controls while driving, enter information before you begin driving or when stopped, side of the road if you need more time to look at the screen operate controls.

Route guidance may conflict with street closures, road construction, detours, out-of-date map data, the system itself may also have limitations, playing Hard Disc Drive (HDD) Audio 169, playing a USB Flash Drive 197 Playing Bluetooth® Audio 203.

You can select any place/landmark as a destination by using voice control or the Interface Dial, system gives you turn-by-turn driving directions your destination, store up to 200 contacts 2 address books, select your destination using 12 methods.

Set route preferences and select one 3 routes, follow your route in real-time with voice guidance, set streets and areas detour around, the advanced audio system provides clear, well-defined sound and makes the most your music.

Enjoy listening to a variety of audio sources, such as, acuraLink® provides you with important information and messages between your vehicle, use voice commands for safer system control while driving, the navigation, audio, Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink®, climate control systems.

Pair a compatible cell phone to receive incoming and make outgoing calls, phone features without ever taking your hands off wheel, rear seat passengers can enjoy a completely separate entertainment source than front passengers, including movies, games, other audio, a Press and release d (Talk) button.

The system prompts you say voice, and release the d (Talk) button again,  The audio system muted during voice,  Say d Voice Help” enter supported.

Voice help tutorial also available, on the menu setting screen,  During the voice control mode, press, hold the J (Hang-Up/Back) button.

Return to Voice Portal screen,  Set Voice Prompt to Off bypass,  The system beeps when ready,  Carefully read the usage note.

 Say d Voice portal” display, b Say a voice command (e, after that, follow voice prompt, on Demand Multi-Use Display™ Basic Operation.

 AM, FM, SiriusXM®, Pandora® , AhaTM, bn : Select the preset station (AM/FM/Pandora®/AhaTM) category (SiriusXM®), cx : Select to search the selected band for a station with strong signal, select a song (Pandora®) contents (AhaTM).

 CD, HDD, USB flash drive, Bluetooth® Audio, cx : Select to change tracks, album bar : Select an album.

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